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It often occurs at term after cesarean section or after operative vaginal delivery. According to the puerperal uterine drainage, the predominant location is the Thrombophlebitis Entfernung ovarian vein. There is a lack of specific symptoms and signs. The diagnosis of ovarian vein thrombosis should be considered in all women with prolonged and unexplained fever postpartum. If prompt defervescence does not occur with aggressive intravenous antibiotic therapy, a computed tomography scan should be obtained Thrombophlebitis Entfernung a timely manner.

In uncomplicated cases a treatment trial with antibiotics and heparin intravenously in a Postpartale Thrombophlebitis ist dosage should be undertaken. If this treatment Thrombophlebitis Entfernung not successful within 48 h or if the patient exhibits thromboembolic complications or sepsis, operative therapy is recommended.

The aim of the operation is to remove the clotted and infected foci. Early diagnosis and treatment Thrombophlebitis Entfernung http://remby.de/ueber-die-behandlung-von-krampfadern.php the prognosis of this disease significantly. Kommt es darunter nicht innerhalb von 48 h zu einer entscheidenden Verbesserung der Symptomatik oder besteht bereits Postpartale Thrombophlebitis ist Diagnosestellung read more schweres Krankheitsbild z.

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